Dreamcatcher Design Consultant is a multi-disciplinary architecture and Interior Design firm. We are an integrated design and execution practice operating in a territory between young, useful and space enhancing designs. Each project creates an environment which is unique and boasts of enhanced spaces and usability. Whether you have a Residential, commercial, corporate, institutional, hospitality or even a start-up space.we have a solution for all your architecture and interior designing needs. From concept to completion, we will be a part of your journey.
Chanderkant Sharma is a practising architect and founder principal and director of Dreamcatcher Design Consultants. Born in New Delhi he studied at the Aayojan School Of Architecture in Jaipur. After working with Chapman Taylor LLP in New Delhi. He joined in 2013 the office of Raja Aederi Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi. Where he worked on some of the office's prestigious commercial,Housing, hospitality projects. In 2015 he established Dreamcatcher Design Consultants together with his wife in New Delhi & Noida.